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Muscled hunk Riddick Stone fucks young twink Evan Stone

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Evan Stone has been experiencing tightness in his neck recently. this guy heard about a holistic healer named Riddick Stone. Evan heard such great things, in fact, he decided to drive across town to visit the healer. that guy had no idea what he was in for! After taking a brief verbal assessment of Evan, Riddick diagnoses the problem and starts Evan on a treatment plan right away. First, a unfathomable throat exercise to loosen Evan up a bit. Evan takes Riddick’s therapeutic dick unfathomable. Some sucking and licking indeed gets Evan’s mindset on the right wavelength for this type of natural healing. Next, Riddick keeps with the dick sucking, but changes positions so Evan can incorporate some arse licking as well. This serves to clear negative energy and assist align chakras. This is all recent to Evan, but this guy can tell it’s working. The last step in this session involves some rough fucking. It’s not what Evan’s used to, but this guy knows if this guy wants relief from the slight soreness in his neck, this is what’s necessary. Riddick’s fat cock is at 1st difficult for Evan to accommodate, as his hole is very tight. But one time this particular healer receives into a precious groove, Evan completely forgets about the neck trouble. watch Riddick slam this pleasant boy’s pretty hole just in advance of transferring a healthy load of healing energy all over Evan’s face.

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Muscular mechanics Ryan Knightly and Riddick Stone fucks Austin Storm

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For Riddick Stone and his employee Ryan Knightly, it’s been a actually slow day at their garage. Barely a customer all day. As it nears the middle of the afternoon, neither of them have done much anything, and so they’re growing understandably restless. So they decide to break the monotony and have some enjoyment with their next customer. Austin Storm thought he was taking his automobile in to fix a knocking sound in the engine, but one time his car is up on the lift, that guy realizes the engine isn’t the merely thing making a knocking sound. Riddick and Ryan bow him over the front of the machine and not fast fondle him from head to toe, stripping him out of his jeans as they unzip their coveralls, letting 2 powerful dicks spill out in front of Austin. This guy takes one of ’em in his swallow and the other in his hand, engulfing and stroking on those 2 hawt rods right there in the midst of the garage. Riddick’s shaft is willing full of torque, and so this guy disrobes off Austin’s panties and permeates him from behind, putting a little junk in Austin’s trunk as Ryan looks on poised and cheerful. Riddick drives Austin like that guy stole it, tearing up that ass and talking to him throughout, and as they all blow their loads on the hood of Austin’s car, this guy doesn’t even remember the fact that his car is still in total disrepair. Not that it matters, that guy knows a couple of chaps in the business.

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Muscular hairy hunk Riddick Stone fucks young boy Shane Hicks

Riddick Stone fucks Shane Hicks

Shane Hicks is juvenile boy, all he wishes is a boyfriend. Riddick Stone, a hairy hunk who owns a gym around the corner happen to be passing by the immodest back alley and caught sight of poor Shane, shivering and looking glum. Riddick approaches Shane, sluggishly. He doesn’t want to frighten the vulnerable young chap. Riddick is met with a wry grin from Shane. That guy can tell by the look in Shane’s eye that he’s lost and scared. But he wants cock, bad. Riddick doesn’t mince words. He wants to help but doesn’t desire to be caught in public feeding his big dick to this boy on the street. Shane pulls out Riddick’s robust strapon and devours it. The palpitating cock in his swallow makes him forget his troubles at home. in a short time they’re both exposed in the alleyway. After sucking him, Shane then has a smack of Riddick’s hole. A dingy old mattress provides a little comfort for ’em the one and the other as Shane sits on top of Riddick and takes his dick for a wild ride. Watch this muscular hunk do a number on this sweet, lost, scared gay boy.

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Riddick Stone and Noah Rods juicy gays fuck

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Riddick Stone is stuck in the office late, again. Already starting to wear down from his workload, the jealous phone call from his recent wife is just likewise much to handle. What that guy needs is a release. Something totally different. Wild. Noah Rods cruises the internet for hookups every now and again, but has not ever responded to an ad until today, but there was something about Riddick’s ad that told Noah to respond, so this guy did, and after a scarcely any exchanges, here that guy finds himself, in Riddick’s office, with a blind fold on, and a stranger’s hot breath against the back of his neck. As the stranger leads him to the shower, Noah realizes this guy will do everything Riddick asks.

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Muscle hairy jock Riddick Stone jerkoff in lockerroom

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Next Door Male presents newcomer Riddick Stone, he has muscled and hairy body.

Riddick comes to us from Houston with his gear in his bag and energy to burn. This former college football player makes his living training other athletes to recognize their ultimate form, but when he’s not poking others to be their best, he can be discovered in the gym, poking weight and pulling on something else. If his southern charms don’t do it for you, his rock rigid abs, firm arse and chiseled chest should do the trick. As he leans back against against his helmet, his sweaty body glistening in the Friday night lights, this guy brings himself to the brink of eruption in advance of letting loose his big cum all over his belly.

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