Tattooed boy Jake Glazer solo jerking in garage

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Tattooed stud Jake Glazer is a free-wheeling loose cannon who enjoys living it up, playing rigid and having as much pleasure as possible along the way. An extreme sports enthusiast, Jake lives for the snow and the sea, but when he’s not catching air on some kind of board, he’s hitting the clubs for a night on the town, in hopes of finding some form of debauchery to engage in. Jake can’t live without it rough, rough and little bit nasty, though, so modest prudes need not bother. Here we see Jake in the garage, tuning up the ride and then doing a little maintenance under his own hood, if you know what I’m talking about. Unzipping his cover-alls, this guy peels out of his garments and leans back against the side of the car, fondling his dick during the time that working a vice-grip on his teats. cock growing, he reclines on the floor and begins to caress his anal opening as his cock swells to maximum capacity. Running his hands down his chest, that guy explodes a bucketful of cum all over himself, covering himself in his own ball cream as he lay exhausted and spent on the garage floor.

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