Tattooed hunks Johnny Torque and Slate Steele glory hole

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Johnny Torque is minding his business in the baths stall, contemplating what to do with his afternoon when all of a sudden this guy hears the footsteps of somebody approaching. Slate Steele is no stranger to the routine, and this guy spies throughout the glory gap to see if the stall is occupied. Seeing Johnny’s dick getting hard through the hole, Slate drops to his knees to get a better look. Johnny can feel Slate watching him, and the thought of a stranger eyeing him turns Johnny on, so as his dick grows in his hand, he comes to a conclusion to do something about it, standing up to shove his dick throughout the gap where Slate is expecting with his mouth wide open. Slate nibbles on Johnny’s head as Johnny emits a soft moan of pleasure, which turns to a full on ecstatic gasp as Slate deep-throats the full shaft of Johnny’s member. Johnny comes out of the stall and they meet face to face. Not at all displeased to meet this new stranger, Johnny drops to his knees and returns the favor as Slate leans back against the stall. Slate’s dick grows and receives rock hard, but it’s his hole that is indeed in need of service, and sensing this, Johnny bends him up against the stall and enters from behind, as Slate closes his eyes and eases it in. Johnny grabs Slate by his shoulders and starts to smash relentlessly as his nuts slap up against Slate, and he in a short time pushes Slate onto the ground, continuing to thrust and pump as Slate beats his load all over the floor, previous to Johnny pulls out and blasts him with a load of his own.

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