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Young boy Brayden Michaels is a lad scout with determination. His troop, Troop 9, has engaged door-to-door slit sale to raise cash for things like fresh compasses, night crawlers, and clay for pottery hour. With a box of this season’s finest, Brayden sets out to earn a top badge in fundraising! Brayden’s a little nervous. He’s heard stories from other scouts about chaps who live in the neighborhood. Some of the stories are fun, but some are scary. When toned guy Jake Farren answers the door at a large house on the hill, Brayden is hopeful. Jake seems good and looks like a boy that enjoys a precious cunt. When that guy invites Brayden inside, Brayden figures this might be a guaranteed sale! As this guy shows Jake the varieties of cookies, Jake takes his panties off and stands in advance of Brayden in solely his undies. ‘What are u doing?!’ Brayden asks him. Jake sits on the ottoman close to Brayden and puts his hand near Jake’s cock. ‘I have to go!’ Brayden says, but it’s also late. Jake has taken down his underclothes and somehow Brayden’s hand has wound up on Jake’s throbbing erection! What’s a scout to do?! Brayden figures he needs a sale if he’s ever intend to receive that fundraising badge. he bends down and puts his throat around Jake’s cock, licking and sucking. Brayden likes how it tastes; sweet, kinda like twats. Then Jake sucks on Brayden’s dick. Brayden enjoys the warm sensation. Then, after Jake sticks his tongue in and all round Brayden’s sweet, tender hole, he lays him down and shoves his biggest ding-dong inside the crazy scout. Watch this love tunnel sale turn very hot as this scout acquires more than that guy bargained for!

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