Twinks Jacob Wolf and Dillon Anderson fuck in gym class

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The fresh gym class is one of the coolest hangouts around town for Jacob Wolf. It has actually cool equipment and, greater amount importantly, the hottest lads. Today, Jacob’s run into Dillon Anderson, a rookie to the gym. Jacob and Dillon hit it off right away. They take turns spotting every other on the punching bag for a whilst. Usually, Jacob has the quickest hands in the place, but Dillon’s indeed giving him a run for his cash. whilst Dillon jabs at the bag, Jacob notices something stiffening in Dillon’s shorts. Since there’s no one else in the gym class today, Jacob comes to a conclusion to squirt some water on Dillon in a playful way. He hopes it’ll assist them the one and the other loosen up, maybe even enough so that Dillon lets Jacob see that fat thing growing in Dillon’s shorts. During the water-bottle horseplay, Dillon takes the opportunity to move closer and plant a nice, fleshly smooch on Jacob. Soon after, both enjoyable cocks are out, rigid as ever. The boyz have some swordplay, just previous to Jacob goes down for a smack of Dillon’s swollen ding-dong. Dillon can’t believe how well Jacob can engulf a large cock. They switch off so Dillon can slurp Jacob’s erection. Then it becomes time for Jacob to hit the mat and receive Dillon’s mad cock in his butt. Even though Dillon’s cock is massive, Jacob takes it well. Some nice, hard dick was exactly what this gym class was lacking.

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