Twinks jocks Blake Stone and Tyler Morgan fuck in locker room

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In a wet locker room, around late afternoon, Blake Stone returns from track practice. Tyler Morgan is already there, relaxing after his shower. Blake’s seen Tyler out on the field before, and of course noticed his sexy body. Now they’re alone together, sweating, smiling, and exchanging sexual energy. Blake’s towel ‘accidentally’ falls off and Tyler laughs, but also becomes very erect. After a seductive dance of expressions, Tyler comes to a conclusion to make a move. That guy starts caressing Blake’s wet, oily body. Blake tries several times to land a kiss, but Tyler teases, moving in and out of lip reach, eluding Blake’s advances. But then their hardening cocks touch from below their athlete straps. And that’s when Tyler can no longer tease. They kiss unfathomable and passionately, with lots of tongue. Then Blake goes down and takes Tyler’s dick in his throat. he sucks excitedly while Tyler enjoys the incredible feeling. Tyler bows Blake over a bench and plunges his tongue into Blake’s pleasing butt. After a while, that guy slides his cock inside and copulates Blake rigid but with care too. Blake lays down after taking the fine slamming, and licks Tyler’s aperture. Tyler has a surprise for Blake in his locker. It’s a huge dildo, just the right size for a ride. Tyler takes it for a go during the time that Blake slurps a little more on Tyler’s strapon. Join those amazing, sexy gay twink chaps as they steam up the locker room like u won’t believe.

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