Young jock Jay Cloud fucks Jacob Wolf in locker room

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In a dank locker room, behind the old community gym, Jacob Wolf has broken into Jay Cloud’s locker and is sniffing and licking Jay’s socks and jock strap. he knows this is around the time Jay comes in for a workout, but that guy can’t keep himself from getting into the goods. As Jacob hears Jay approaching the gym door, that guy scrambles to put back the items. he hides the evidence of his raid just as Jay enters. Jay gives a amicable head nod, but can tell smth is amiss. When he sees the sportsman strap Jacob overlooked when putting things away, he knows exactly what this little dick lover has been up to. If it’s cock this guy wants, that’s exactly what Jay’s gonna give him! Jay sits down in front of Jacob and buries the boy’s face in his undergarment, letting him take up with the tongue it a bit. Then they kiss deeply. Jacob removes Jay’s workout shorts and gets down to some seriously hawt cock engulfing. Jay’s huge erection is a lot for lovely Jacob to handle, but it tastes oh so good going in and out of his warm mouth. Then Jay is taking Jacob’s cock as deeply as this guy can. Jacob can’t make no doubt of the hottest guy he’s seen at this gym class is blowing him, right on the dressing bench! But when Jay bows Jacob over the bench and plays with Jacob’s delicate hole, Jacob thinks it have to be a dream. watch Jay poke his heavy cock into Jacob’s sweet, eager ass, and pound him like he deserves. Imagine the boldness sneaking into anybody elses’s locker! Let the torment fit the crime.

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