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Late at night, Tyler begins his workday. After each last student has packed up and gone home, Tyler mops the floors, tidies up the periodicals, and dusts off the Dewey Decimal drawers, among other things. He’s usually content being alone in the school library at night. He knows he’s making money this guy needs. Tonight’s a little bit different though. Around midnight, as Tyler enters the first floor bathroom, that guy hears a shuffling. It comes from the stall. Tyler finds fellow student, Casey, groping himself. Tyler too discovers Casey has disabled the security camera that Tyler strategically positioned to catch sexy boys using the latrine. Tyler just now deduces that Casey is lascivious and down to fuck right then. They exchange no pleasantries, only fiery, ardent looks. Tyler goes right into sucking Casey’s fat cock. Casey can’t believe the hawt custodian he’d been seeing was really slobbering and bobbing on his dick! For Tyler, this was turning out to be exactly the right kind of distraction. Casey gets a taste of Tyler’s throbbing hardon too, as Tyler sits on the ‘upper deck’ of the lavatory. When the intensity builds to a boiling point, the guys move outdoors the stall and Tyler allows Casey to slide his massive ding-dong into Tyler’s tight, waiting gap. Casey doesn’t hold back. see him smash his fresh library friend hard, just the way he fucks all other strangers.

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